Tuesday, 8 February 2011

introducing ye ye! spring collars

of course, on this blog, my friend izzy (aka isabelle hayes) doesn't need anymore introductions. however, what is new is her spring collars, that i'm so pleased to share, a complete sneak peek. all of theses creations are completely sewn & designed all by izzy as part of her montreal based ye ye! collection. i've included photos of her newest collars & also the classic lace & limited printed ones too. you can't even imagine the crazy craftsmanship & detail, she is a genius of a talented seamstress & designer. i've asked izzy to answer those same questions i put to audrey, & soon they'll be others too.
take a peak at izzy's blog, shop & tumbler
all photos c/o isabelle hayes

How are you? What are you up to today?
I am great, just at home today, blogging, sewing new Spring collars and sipping on coffee and you?

What do you do? What are you currently working on?
I am an independent designer and seamstress by day part-time. I am currently working on a line of Spring detachable collars in eyelet fabrics and plaids. I am also playing around with lace scallop bias and liberty printed fabrics.

What kind of girl do you imagine you are designing for?
The girl I design for is a girl who loves color  and history, she lives her life care free and loves vanilla milkshakes and listening to old records.

Do you design for yourself?
Yes, I make stuff that I know I will have a hard time parting with but I am sure they will go to a nice home. 

Can you talk about what is inspiring you right now?
Right now I am inspired by liberty prints, lace, romantic girlie things,vintage lingerie, movies I watch and music.

Do you have a favorite source of inspiration?
I recently discovered Tumblr and there are loads of inspirations on there. I look to the internet and blogs for inspiration now.

Have you always been creative?
Yes, Ive been playing with clothing and drawing since I was a little girl.

Do you remember some of your first creative childhood pursuits?
I remember drawing princesses with three heads and castles for them. Sometimes I would not want to finish my drawings and my mother would make me finish them.

What makes you feel most like yourself?
When I am thrifting.

What do you wish for?
Peace of mind.

How do you enjoy spending your down time?
Listening to records, baking, and watching old monster movies.


  1. I love that purple print fabric - so spring-y!

    And these collars are so, so lovely. I've been mulling a lace one over a while now....perhaps my next pay cheque ;)

  2. I just love those! Especially that pink floral one..

  3. I have to agree with JLee, the pale yellow is my favourite too!

  4. i've always liked her collars... i just wish i didn't have über sensitive skin - i'm pretty sure the structured collar would irritate my skin and have me looking like i have a rash :(

  5. every single collar is perfection. all the colors are swell.


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