Monday, 7 February 2011

lovely hairs

lovely hairs, photo sources include, models after a fendi show (can their ethereal &  flushed cheeked look get any better too, someone teach me), also check out emily (&  it girl, rag doll blog post)!


  1. So romantic! I am wishing my hair would grow quick smart now!

  2. I wish it was Spring right now!!! I'm so sick of wearing a winter hat and squishing my hair!

  3. you have such awesome taste, i'm totally loving these.

    btw lady, i wanted to let you know that i'm still planning on supporting your Move to Montreal thing - i wanted to wait for two reasons: first, i don't have a job so it has to wait until next month, and two, I wanted to buy something at full price and not with a sale so as to better support you! i can't wait!


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