Wednesday, 5 January 2011

girls in my knits

 the first girls in my knits posts of the new year, & i hope these will inspire you when bundling up from the crappy wind chill (a word i hear far too much).

(top photo, is my dear far away pal izzy hayes (a designer, & she also runs her own vintage etsy shop), in her own one of a kind multi-coloured hand painted  perth ascot.

morgan, a blogger  out of new york, wearing what is probably my very favorite piece, a Markham collar in the limited alpaca wool in fawn, sadly i don't send out as many of these as i wish, but so far to montreal, paris, sweden & now new york, i just love that... (also available in creme & black)

(above & below, both girls & their cameras, wearing their own cambridge cowls, anja from portland is in her own denim cambridge, & erin from halifax is wearing a cambridge knit from my own pattern)

& lastly, rebecca, from virginia, wearing her own meaford of creme


  1. ahh i can't wait to get my collar!

  2. as always you are in awesome scarves
    All the very best in new year!

    graduation dress Toronto

  3. all these look great! gives me ideas on how to pair my ascot with certain shirts.


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