Thursday, 6 January 2011

audrey cantwell

i met Audrey Cantwell, a Montreal based designer, on her own turf, in Montreal at winter puces pop, & immediately i was crushing on this doll of a girl whose booth was just across from mine. its hard not be enamored, & her designs are just as captivating, & truly haunting. so here's another installment to the gals of Montreal posts. seriously, as just an anglo outsider, i have to say i'm really very inspired by all the creativity & wonderful people i met in Montreal!
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hi Audrey? It was a pleasure to meet you at Puces Pop. How are you today?
It was so nice meeting you too! Im doing great, just got back from the studio and about to make some French onion soup!

What kind of girl do you imagine you are designing for?
Do you design for yourself?

I  really imagine all kinds of different girls when I design, I suppose I often imagine mystical, mysterious, carefree girls with a slight penchant for dark and moody things. Girls who like history, fantasy and believe in some form of magic. I think I design clothing I wish I wore every day, but I think my personal style is a bit more grunge-y and laid back most days, although I do love dressing up like a witch quite a bit, and wearing strange furs a lot too.

How do you like living & designing in Montreal?
I love Montreal! I moved here from a small Eastern Quebec town 4 years ago to attend college, and its such a vibrant and creative city. I also love how small it can feel, and still being able to be 'a regular' at my favourite bars and cafes, at the post office and corner store. I also love designing in this city and have formed relationships with my fabric suppliers, my leather guy and fur guy, my zipper lady, and they know me and my brand and we give eachother christmas cards. I also love being friends with a lot of other designers here, the indie fashion industry is a little community here, its great!

Have you always been creative?
Do you remember some of your first creative childhood pursuits?

I have always been a major crafter, as a child I even had my own 'craft room' in my parents home, I would do anything from papier-mache to clay to collage. I still do! My father and grandfather are both carpenters and are very artistic and crafty, Im sure I get it from them. I used to hang out with my dad in his woodshop and just glue pieces of wood together and make furniture for my dolls.

Can you talk about what is inspiring you right now?
As always, history, nature and fantasy. Right now, I particularly am inspired by vikings, Scandinavia, isolated landscapes, winter, birch trees, loneliness, hunting...

What makes you feel most like yourself?
Having a few pints at the bar with my friends.

What do you wish for?
I wish for calm and peaceful thoughts.

How do you enjoy spending your down time?

I mostly like staying in and listening to records and making dinner with my boyfriend, reading with my cats on the couch, thrifting (!), and sometimes going out to see a show or  just have some beers with friends and talk about nothing in particular.


  1. Thats so funny she has a picture of a girl I went to design school with, the second picture. I miss you lady!

  2. i can't sing audrey's praises loud enough, she is the sweetest girl and makes the most amazing things. i can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for 2011. you also chose/compiled beautiful photos! nice work tara-lynn :)

  3. this is a great interview with a very creative lady, i love her idea of down time, pints with friends talking about nothing = a great time had by all

  4. proud member of the Audrey Cantwell fanclub!


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