Wednesday, 5 January 2011

anti-climatic end to 365 project

day 365 of 365 project
anti-climatic finish & photo to end the 365 project, i have to admit this photo, my last picture is even a lie, as i was sick with the flu & so no photo was ever taken on day 365, this pic is still in spirit of saying "its finally over"! unfortunately i also screwed up & although i most definitely have taken 365 photos & all are in my flickr photo stream, some i forgot to add to the 365 set, sucks. who cares, its over. (missing 5 pics to the official set) this lovely blouse is a gifted trade from izzy!

day 363
enid picked up my knitting the other day, she still remembers how, although she never really wants to knit anymore... too bad i could had a job for her ;)

day 362
man, now i know how she feels, get that camera outta my face already 

day 361
carnivale is addicting, i loved these two paired as a couple...

day 364
lil' baby jason, his mom is a babe, & i love the bridge in the back of the cab window

day 360
the new tags arrived post-puces pop, but just in time for post-xmas sale orders instead.
hannah is so perfect! & i love the tagging


  1. Your hair looks so nice with the blouse:>

  2. i'm so proud of you for finishing!!!!!

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  4. I have that same blouse but in a champagne color with navy stripes.

    You and your crafty darling daughter are so beautiful!

  5. bravo for getting through the 365, madame! i am way too lazy for that, and always admire those who undertake it.

    and that outfit in the first photo is wonderful.

    hope your flu is behind you and you're feelin' good about 2011. xoxo

  6. You look amazing in your blouse :) I can't wait to receive my knit collar :) I just got over the flu, it made last week feel like forever. Get well soon hun.


  7. gorgeous blouse! you might not be trying much but you still look real pretty!


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