Tuesday, 4 January 2011

happy new year darlings

i've started the new year off with the flu, although not yet back to the land of the living, i am out of bed & attempting to get on with my knitting. i hope all you lovelies out there enjoyed your new year with love, & all that good stuff. i'm excited about this new year, as it will be the year i learn to crotchet (i'm imaging & predicting by spring hopefully some pretty 70s inspired tops). also, the bigger news,  this year we are saving for our big summer move, so here we come Montreal (or perhaps toronto)!
 here's some images i thought i'd share with you, because honestly i'm too sick for anything else right now, & i keep meaning to anyhow. i really think these looks are easy to interrupt with vintage pieces, well obviously.
photos terry richardson, model  freja beha erichsen, nippon vogue aug 2010


  1. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing. Happy new year, and I hope you're back feeling tip top soon xxx

  2. okay, that's a style that I can manage!
    Happy New Year!

  3. That's so exciting about the move! I've a few friends who have moved to Montreal recently and it sounds amazing (and CHEAP!).
    Hope you feel better soon m'dear.

  4. I love these photos Doll! I have a necklace just like the one she is wearing, I love the Bardo feeling I am getting from the fisrt ones. Oh I copied you Gainsbourg the movie that came out last year, I will mail it to you soon :)

  5. hope you feel better, the flu cannot be a good time


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