Wednesday, 22 December 2010

part one: day after the first night in Montreal

so at least 8 hours of all day travel on the road,  including 3 buses, a subway, & a cab, we finally made it to Montreal on a  friday night, & it was very much worth all the trouble & i'ii do it again & again! almost as soon as we arrived at our hotel we were greeted by two lovely smiling faces, Isabelle & Sarah too.
here's some pics after the first wonderful night in Montreal, i forgot to take photos that first night (although izzy came to my rescue, flickr set here, entitled "when tara-lynn & jason lee came to montreal ..."). so this is my small documentation of day one of puces pop. also sarah documented where i lack here, at her blog cheap opulence.

the top photo is the trying very hard to not smile photo, here's how things really were, here & here.

we ate breakfast every morning at dusty's across from the hotel, on the first morning izzy came w/ us to eat & then help set up the table at puces pop. we really appreciated that she trekked over to our hotel, the morning after her & stephane were such out of this world hosts, having us & also sarah over for dinner  at their place the night before. she made our yarnovermovemnt table so pretty.

just knitting at our table, it was really chilly in the church basement & kept the fur cap & shawl/scarf on almost entire time

katie was our requested neighbor

sarah watched our table at puces pop so we could take a break & get REAL coffee around the corner


  1. Brr...I feel cold just looking at these. But look at all those wonderful, colorful knits...I long to own one someday

  2. What a lovely post doll! I need to make one to, please hurry back home!




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