Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Montreal edition: girls in my knits

 i already miss montreal something terrible & i'm back home just a day. i'm still exhausted from the whirlwind days i spent in montreal with wonderful friends! for now, thought i'd update with a quick post of a special montreal edition from puces pop of girls in my knits.

(top photo: girl with amazing style, was really nice to talk with, wonderful coat too, wearing the LAMBTON cowl, its the carlington scarf as a wonderful cowl, available for boxing week sale as soon as shop is reopened, get notified, & sign up for newsletter too please)

montreal girl with amazing leather & fur coat combo wearing the elora toque in cranberry

really sweet montreal girl wearing the NEW LAMBTON cowl in cranberry, she was torn between this one & the denim one, all these new cowls sold out, but i will be knitting up more for the shop boxing week sale starting december 26th.

of course, this is charming olivia mew, i was happy to see her wearing her own denim Cambridge, she already had. i lvoe how its paired with the toogle navy coat & turban headband, it is so perfect.

audrey cantwell is a montreal based designer, whose booth was right across from us, how lucky for us, she ended up with the black Belleville shawl instead, i ran out of black in montreal, must knit more black for the montreal folks. also cam home with a few of her amazing items! i was drooling over her cloaks.


  1. They all look GORGEOUS!! Oh and one of my friends was saying that she's in need of a gray hat- so of course I recommended you. (This reminds me I've got to send her the link to your Etsy store right now!)

  2. They all look wonderful, I miss you too! I am listening to Bob Dylan thinking of you :)

  3. what are they feeding you canadians! every single one of your is just stunning <3

  4. it was so lovely to meet you and see all these glorious knits in person! i also can't rave about audrey's designs enough - her cloaks truly are to die for and she just so happens to be one of the sweetest ladies ever.


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