Wednesday, 10 November 2010

in my knits: welcome to fall

welcome to fall. it's getting close to that time where i begin to feel kinda anti-social, & i just wanna stay in all the time, just knit (& mostly because i really need to be knitting too, i never seem to get ahead). it's also holiday mall madness time, & its really frustrating at times to see all the really poorly made machine knits out there & feel like noone wants to buy & support handmade...then thats where i'm wrong,  because i get to do post of those "in my knits" that do shop consciously, & then the doom of holiday consumerism isn't feeling that crappy. in my knits: from top chad of mon petit fantome wearing his own black cambridge cowl & also a tote from anabela, lindsay wearing her own perth ascot & wonderful masks too, olivia of young captive of montreal, johanna from sweden of floremarkshop & christina of simple vintage. thanks to everyone who contributes to "in my knits"! please keep it coming...

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  1. oh hey! there i am. i'm still loving this cowl - it's especially perfect for fall bike riding/not chafing my face/keeping my cheeks from going numb. everyone is looking snazzy in your knits.


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