Wednesday, 10 November 2010

filippa berg

i am never impressed with celebrity fashion icons, or what their stylists for that matter have picked for them.   although, i do have a few modern day what might be called style icons or it girls that i do enjoy, like filippa berg, (& also lou doillon comes to mind too), girls in the spotlight i suppose, but who clearly dress for themselves, & aren't dressed by other either! also check out her inspirational girls on her walls, shelley duvall, winona ryder & sissy spacek, from a time before stylists dressed celebrities.

 the collage photos are c/o refinery29, the rest are from her old blog, that no longer exists, & from her new blog here


  1. shes got great style. Thanks for the link to her blog!

  2. funny you have hannah model your knits! as I realized the other day, that she had quickly become one of my style icons...i think i may bring in one of these yarn movement photos to the hairdresser!


  3. I'm not a big fan of the younger celeb style icons either. I mean...Sienna Miller..puuuhlease!
    All of those women have stylists! Everyone should be thanking them!

    Fact or Frequency

  4. I never understood how people who have stylists get held up as these wonderful icons - especially since they rarely have on anything interesting.

    I love the photo of her in the fur coat - definitely channeling Little Edie.

  5. I guess I'm kind of lame, I can easily find inspiration from a celeb style icon, or anywhere for that matter....It never occrued to me that a stylists taste might not be valid....But I do love these pics and this girl's face. Thanks for sharing and the links.

  6. oh my gosh, agreed. i am so obsessed with her. you know who else i just found out about that kinda reminds me of her is tati colliar!

  7. you've got a rad blog and rad work!!!!!! INTO IT


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