Monday, 8 November 2010

gals of montreal, part three, katie dutton

i met katie, as a friend of samantha's at the montreal puces pop, i was right across from pinpals & then katie was right beside her. i just love her work, there is so much to it, & i'm lucky to own two of her pieces, & hope to collect more. she's such a talented lady (with amazing vintage dresses she always seems to be wearing when we get to see each other), & we hope to visit her in her city sooner, than later. up next, amber, previously izzy & sam.

name, age, & what do you do?
My name is Katie Dutton and I'm now at the ripe old age of 29. I work in a bunch of mediums: embroidery, silk-screen and painting, and sometimes combinations of these three. My work often deals with absurd relationships between people and animals, and people with their objects of affection.

so you live in montreal, for how long, & what lead up to living in montreal? do you consider montreal your home?
I lived in Montreal from 2000-05 while obtaining my BFA at Concordia. After five years in Ottawa, I recently moved back to Montreal, and am starting to feel settled, so it is once again my home. 

what are your inspirations at this moment? what are past inspirations that really affected what you do?
Recently I've been inspired by old children's book illustrations, quilts, long drives, and of course my kitties. I love rooting through junk stores and church bazaars for old photos, fabric, catalogues, and other treasures. This has always inspired me and provides endless source material for my projects. 

What mood are you in today?

I'm in a competitive mood, getting ready for game-night tonight, and the chance to steal as many slices of Amber's pumpkin cake as I can.  

Where is your favorite place to be? What is your favorite thing to do? 

Favourite place would have to be at home with my kitties. Favourite thing to do would have to be thrifting. Hands down. Full stop. 


  1. great interview! The woman/vulture piece is pretty awesome

  2. i feel like this lady & i would be fast friends. favourite place to be/activity are an exact match to mine :) really awesome work too!

  3. ooh I love her work! So beautiful and inspiring

  4. Everyone is so at-home with the kitties....they're the best.


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