Saturday, 6 November 2010

56 days to go....

day 309 of 365 project
knitting, what else, & watching something off the internet, what else?

day 302
off for a short day trip to toronto, last drop off at robber & dinner with jason's mom & sisters!
so much windy days, always stuck w/ a bun.

day 308
i got in trouble from enid for taking this photo,
& in protest i reply, but i need a photo of the day,
man this project is tiresome

day 307
Jason has been selling off his music lately,
& buying art books instead,
he's also sold off books for music, we'll see....

day 306
reading caitlin: life with dylan thomas

day 305
thrifted knicker, hot pants

day 304
knitting & watching from the computer, at this time i've discovered pbs & its video streams, some of which i can view in canada, like the american experiences series (i highly recommend riding the rails: teenagers of the 30s riding the freights)... i should be wearing my glasses, but i had a headache & they are bothersome & hurt my nose... sometimes i do feel like a prisoner in this chair, but it beats the alternative for a shy person like myself... oh & my hair might look crazy cause i've flipped it off my face to the side, & maybe its greasy too

day 303
halloween at my mom's place,
enid with the pumpkin she designed


  1. t-l, will you do a bun tutorial for us please?

  2. those few sentences from the Dylan Thomas book are very intriguing..I must know more, off to amazon

  3. i love the cat ears in the door in that last photo! :)

  4. Ah, knitting and watching streaming videos... two of my favourite things. I suggest adding wine and chocolate!

  5. Wow, just yesterday I took my copy of collected poems of Dylan Thomas from the shelf. He and his life intrigue me so much!

  6. those thrifted knickers are perfect

  7. Some lovely photos you have here :)

  8. I'm in love with your Toronto outfit!
    And wanted to say thanks for your post about Just Kids, I'm almost done it and have looooved it :)


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