Monday, 2 August 2010

"already being called the rebel without a cause of the 80s"

the trailer suggests that river's edge is "already being called the rebel without a cause of the 80s", of course,  irony aside, i was pretty memorized, maybe it was crispin glover's acting performance, maybe because jason & i both knew kids & hung around some pretty similar types as young teens, & also i'm pretty set on growing out my bangs slacker 80s  c/o ione skye, her style as clarissa is dead on impeccable (no pun intended).
in any case, i caught this movie along with the last picture show on tvo some teen angst theme i suppose, which i've never seen still in its entirety are both already on my library reserves, screencapping ensues.


  1. haha how amazing is Crispin Glover in this?? 'The things I do for my fucking friends!' Oh man, I love this movie!

  2. Yay! Cannot wait, I've been so needing some wall art!!


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