Wednesday, 4 August 2010

150 days to go...

day 215 of 365 project
jason heads back to his previous employment in about two weeks time, it is really agonizing & actually heartbreaking, as he has been creating so much art lately, drawing all of the time & soon it will all stop, as his employment is really emotionally draining & difficult  for him, damn economy & lack of other employment opportunities...sigh
my dream is that my own shop would really take off, so i could have jason home all the time, & drawing &to just support my family on my own! i realize of course, we are not alone... & the bills are piling up... ok sorry no more whining...

day 214
summer nights, still sleeping in the living room

day 213
finally watched picnic at hanging rock

day 212

day 211
growing out the fringe perhaps, too bad it looks like a comb over,
 clarrisa from 80s film river's edge is my inspiration i aspire to

day 210
enid's profile, & her very particular hair style

day 209
fame (1980) was on tv, i love the dance auditions, always loved this shot!

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  1. those draws are so good
    why is life so hard for artist? :D
    I'm considering about going to art school next year, and I'm so scared xD
    I love your blog and your daughter is adorable


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