Saturday, 31 July 2010

157 days to go..

day 208 of 365 project...

day 207

day 206,
fresh from nap face, nothing beats finding shade under a tree, knitting, & watching enid play with her friend under a sprinkler

day 205,
enid screencapped this off tv  from one of her favorite show's  nature,
 did you see this one too? the glass ocean episode...

day 204,
i love this lady, we both have the same camera face smile, she also just might have convinced me that montreal might be just right for us, we'll see, Samantha is also the girl behind "just don't take it personally" mantra that really effected me, 
& also she is one half of the charming creative & hard-working duo pin pals

day 203,
attempted our own french sandwich, from the toronto trip, chicken,brie & red peppers on a baguette

day 202, 
sleeping in the living room on the pull-out lately, just too hot in our own bed

day 201,
passed on the collector gene to enid, this could get dangerous,
 in toronto we had to go to magic pony just for her, which isn't a bad thing of course,
enid is crossing her fingers she gets one of the dunny's she likes


  1. Your hair looks so amazing in these photos! Montreal sounds so amazing, I can't wait to visit there later this year!

  2. everything looks so fun and yummy too!


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