Friday, 25 June 2010

187 days to go...

day 175 of 365 project
this was an amazing day, (they opened the pool early)

enid composed the above photo, had to go to that dang mall to get a swim suit for enid
 (& lemme tell you waiting for the bus in the summer sure beats waiting in the winter)

enid choose to skip whilst waiting at one stop,
 suppose skipping w/out shoes is more fun too

day 176,

typical, knitting whilst watching a movie on the computer, exciting huh?
was watching a single man, so visually stunning!

day 173,
 watching the storm on the balcony

day 172,
night knitting

day 171,
more of night knitting

day 174,
this is jason doing typical

i'm going to answer my comments from the previous posts on the next posts, this might work best as i don't receive my comments in my email either... i always am so excited at the comments, & that someone has even bothered to comment, so thanks for that too... here goes then

swan diamondrose: you would probably really like this tara

elycia: flattered beyond words, i can't really believe it

chloe lees: ok i may just be doing this, thanks

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  1. you are some kind of wonderful. i am always impressed with your photos, keep sharing please!


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