Monday, 21 June 2010

valerie & her week of wonders (1970)

the reason for so many simply portrait caps of this film, will all be revealed soon enough...
 heres just a few (& a few more), probably completely unnecessary, as  this very beloved film has many screen caps out there i am sure, for good reason of course too! it was actually our first time for jason  & i both to ever see this czech film, can you believe it,  don't know why we ever waited so long either, sometimes somethings so praised can build too much expectations, but this time we weren't disappointed by all the hype... shouldn't everything be like that?


  1. these screenshots are beautiful. i have to see this.

  2. i love when something is as good as you expect it to be.

    ps. i just did a blog post about how your blog was the first one i started reading...if you are interested in taking a look :)


  3. Now I'm commenting on your comment on a comment! :P

    I used Colora brand henna in red sunset, and it went over dyed hair pretty nicely. I got some at a natural beauty products store here in Vancouver...maybe somewhere like Horn of Plenty or something would have it?

    Also I've been meaning to watch this movie for years....I think it's the same with putting it off cuz I think I'll be disappointed after all the hype. This has encouraged me to finally do it! :)


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