Thursday, 18 March 2010

part one: "my punishment as a child was to wear pants"

in anticipation of hannah's new vintage shop, & most importantly because hannah is such a sincere sweetheart, whose blog i'm sure you've encountered, & have glimpsed, (oh & of course, she has the best bum around!) so i thought i'd do this impromptu interview...

installment part one:
where did you grow up?In Ottawa, Ontario.
do you have any memories of a favorite outfit as a child?
I wore a lot of dresses! My punishment as a child was to wear pants, I was an angelic child. I do remember one outfit in sixth grade that I thought was just the greatest it consisted of my red baby beret with horse charm sewn on, green corduroy pinafore, purple stockings and victorian style lace up boots (anne of gg boots I thought).
do you have memories of favorite outfits your mom might have worn as a child?When I was younger my mum wore a lot of victorian inspired blouses, chambray button-ups, and floral rayon dresses, not unlike my own style at present! I'm envious of her wild Helena Bonham Carter style hair at that time.
can you describe the adolescent, teenage Hannah's outfits?
Oh gosh, haha, well, thirteen had me in plaid bell-bottoms and ribbed tank tops with "sailor moon" buns, fourteen - fifteen I could be found in pants wide enough to fit my best friend and I in one leg (tested), plastic jewelry and pink baby bangs, sixteen the pants started getting smaller, bangs grew longer, seventeen pants were too small, tops were vintage, hair changed length every few months, started making my own clothing out of my baby brother's closet, eighteen I was sewing up and re-working outfits before school, mini skirts made out of t-shirts and prom dresses made out of curtains and nineteen looks not unlike today!

what was you favorite book as a child? what was your favorite childhood movie? Bear goes to town! About a bear with a magic pencil. Anne of Green Gables always and forever. do you recall having a childhood style icon? Hmm, I mostly just wanted (as today) to wear period costumes!

can you tell us about your wedding outfits, your man's wedding attire, & why they are special to you, ect? My dress was sewn up by a good girlfriend of mine from a drawing I sent her. She did such a gorgeous job, evening adding her grandmothers buttons to the back as "something old". Landon wore a white vintage suit that my friend altered to fit him (slimmed down that leg) and a pink shirt he borrowed from a vintage shop.
what is landon's favorite outfit you wear? I have a pretty generous collection of vintage wiggle dresses that I think he fancies (for obvious reasons, eh eh eh).
what do you love that landon wears? I love when he dresses up like a gentleman! In his black skinny trousers and fitted button up with cufflinks, tie (and clip to match the cufflinks), blazer and hat.

Please tell us about the girls in your illustrations, drawings & paintings? I used to draw a lot from whatever fashion magazine I had lying around, the face was always the same, just some made up girl (who I know realize resembles very much Lara Stone). Lately I've been drawing from art history books - the bodies are so soft and sweet looking, a nice break from my boney babes before.
Who are these ladies to you? Just faces, I wish they meant more to me, my drawing lately has been a real struggle. I'm not sure what I want to do with it.
Please tell us what art movements, or artists have affected you? Ohh, this I love! Ever since I was a wee one I've surrounded myself with art history books grinning over their beauty, romance and perfection. My favourite movement was and always will be the Pre-Raphaelites. I love the romantic poets and mythology and the Pre-Raphaelite ability to bring those words to life in picture. European art from 16th century to 19th forever delights me. This spring I'm having a big love affair with the Rococo artists.Favorite artists? Waterhouse, Rossetti, Burne-Jones, Fragonard, Watteau, Mucha, Schiele,
Favorite art bio's you have read? Rossetti! (

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for this! I hadn't seen her blog / Flickr before and now I am just filled with "awesome life" envy! xo

  2. Great interview. Her blog is simply breathtaking. Talented artist too!

  3. wonderful! keep doing these :)

  4. Thank you Tara, you're an excellent interviewer! I really enjoyed answering your questions. Much love.

  5. i loved reading this! she is just a doll.


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