Friday, 19 March 2010

part two: "I was first bitten by the vintage bug at 12"

i sent along a bunch of silly-ish questions to hannah, & she answered every one of em, whatta a doll! i've actually thought of a million more, but...maybe next time ;) i'm sorry that it wasn't well more serious, or intellectual, it was through our facebook page nonethless...

the loved one launching on ebay March 21st

part two: (cont'd)
Where have you had the pleasure of vintage/thrifting/shopping?
My favourite place to hunt for vintage is in Phoenix, Arizona! Los Angeles is pretty generous in the vintage department as well (Pasadena Flea market at PCC is my all time favourite). I haven't been to Toronto for years but it was where I was first bitten by the vintage bug at 12. I'd love to go back to some of those shops now to take a peek!
Where do you dream of thrifting, what cities?
I love finding european vintage clothing over here so I can only dream what visiting a raghouse in germany or france would deliver. mmm. I hear St. Louis is incredible for vintage and I hope so soon take a trip over to check it out!
what are you drawn to when thrifting?
Right now my eyes are peeled for anything Edwardian (a tall order for thrift shops, but not impossible!). I like poking around in the lingerie section as well.

where are you living now? Brooklyn, ny!
can you describe your favorite things to do in your neighborhood & at home?
Eat! There are so many delicious places to eat around here! Landon and watch a lot of movies and play card games. We are old people.
what are your favorite items in your home?
Our vintage mannequin, collection of dog paintings, one-antlered deer head, poodle lamps,
dolls and bed!
what books do you cherish on your bookshelves?
We have some fantastic old copies of Dickens books, a vintage copy of Little Women, a few vintage children's stories and a much loved and abused copy of Tristan and Iseult (a book I managed to get away with writing a book report on every year in high-school).
what films interest you?
Period pieces! My favourites are: Loves of Blonde, Sense and Sensibility, The Secret Garden, The secret of roan inish, Romeo and Juliet, Valerie and her week of wonders, Amadeus, Elizabeth, Howard's End and A room with a view. So many more that are presently escaping me!
what style icons past & present interest you?
I can't really think of just one person whose style inspires me. I think my inspiration comes from a variety of sources including vintage photos, film and painting. I guess it's a mash up of everything that I confessed to enjoying in questions above!

Tell us everything we should know about your new vintage shop adventure? It started with my partner and I selling vintage items wholesale to various retailers and always nabbing pieces that didn't fit the order but were too great to pass up! From there we found ourselves with a room full of treasures that we couldn't bear to just sit on (though we would like to be greedy and keep them all) but that must be shared! We're hoping one day to open up one boutique here in New York and one in Los Angeles (where my partner lives). My fingers are crossed that our new online venture is well received so we can continue to share our treasures!
when is hannah going to have her kitties? THIS WEEK, THIS WEEK :( PLEASE LET IT BE THIS WEEK! Thank you Tara!xoxoxo

favourite links: my google reader! it features some of my favourite bloggers including yourself, julia of, anja of and Nicole of I spend a lot of time combing through vintage photos on flickr and this lj community
my links are:
Landon is: and
phew, that's a lot! haha


  1. Thank you again! You can ask me questions anytime! I liked this. hehe

  2. I adore her! I've been reading her various blogs/looking at her flickr for so many years now, & she and Landon NEVER cease to amaze me.

  3. Oh wow, she is just utterly stunning! :O

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  5. Love the line coming out! That was alot of pics but I enjoyed it.



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