Saturday, 9 January 2010

dress me up or down

i envisioned this loop stitched collar (which i've named the MARKHAM collar, sharing its name with another small southern ontario city) to be easily dressed up or down, & as one would wear a fur (or faux) collar, since it was what became the inspiration. i admit i'm pretty nervous about this piece, because its on the risky side, but i can't help think how easily it could be paired with jeans or dressed up for a night out when a scarf just won't do...

these behind the scenes pics...

of course my ol' man didn't realize he was going to be part of the frame (day 9 of 365 project)...
& enid showing me how to pose!


  1. Love it! That little shrug could go with so much.

    I also make my husband be my personal photographer, prop manager, and "fashion advise" guy...he doesn't mind most of the time. :)

  2. Wow, that collar is so stunning and wonderful. It looks truly amazing and like a lot of hard work! I truly admire the stuff you're able to create and I may just have to purchase this one, meager paycheck be damned!

  3. the colar is pretty nice!
    i just love enid's poses!
    little fashionista!

  4. Such a good idea! It looks lovely and I reckon it would work casually or dressed up.
    You look beautiful too, you're really making me want to get my fringe back!

  5. So, so clever! I love this. Looking forward to ordering one soon. :)

  6. thanks everyone, i was nervous about this piece, but i really love it, & wore it out today & felt pretty confident & cute in it...even while i froze!
    oh & i'm goign to discount it for blog readers, just use the code word LOOP, for 15% off...

  7. hey! i ve been following your blog and i love it! i really like your knits! i am a knitter as well although definitely not as good as you are!
    i have started since 1.01.10 a project as well which is the NOT shop project! have a look here if you want!



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