Friday, 8 January 2010

just 357 days to go

day 8

day 7

day 6

day 5

day 4

day 3


  1. i love that picture of you in the mirror, that kimono robe looks so perfect i can hardly stand it! (ive been looking for one just like that forever.)

    so a question from on long-haired brunette to another long-haired brunette: do you wear a braid to bed to discourage nape of the neck knots? ive been getting them pretty bad this winter and i'm wondering if this is something i should be doing?

  2. I hope you're still into this! Because I love your pictures. I love that you posted a picture of the taupe cowl/scarf in progress because I posted one of me wearing mine today.

  3. That mushroom colored yarn looks grand...what are you making?


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