Wednesday, 13 January 2010

just 353 days to go

day 12 of 365 project all my dear blog readers, an additional 15% off the markham collar, just enter the word LOOP in the message to buyer at checkout (you can either have the funds refunded to your paypal after your payment is received or simply request a invoice from me with the discount removed)

day 11

day 10


  1. chelsey: thanks, we found it on the corner ready for garbage pick-up, we assume it was a kitchen cabinet...we had a feeling some new paint could make this a cute bookshelf, & i love books behind glass.

  2. love the photos so far! i look forward to next 535 :)

  3. love the new collar. it's genius and beautiful and I will eventually have to buy one!

  4. mmmm... what kind of pie is that? it looks delicious!


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