Saturday, 11 July 2009

my wish for summer is sweaty sunny days

optimistically (sticking to a budget) so far this summer, i have only dropped cash that wasn't from paypal cashouts, on this thrifted 12$ sundress... & i think it was worth it! i might shorten the hem, no? (if i decide to speak to my sewing machine, we are nto on speaking terms at the moment...)
oh how i wish i could get some pretty platform sandals to match, now i'm just being whiny & drooling over my most coveted item i want for the sunny weather (that i'm sure will get started soon enough... sunny sweaty days i'm longing for that is!) i've been waiting what seems forever to get a chance to wear it that the weather was warm enough...

oh i also dropped $5 on a one piece this time around... & am enjoying the modesty of not feeling so self-consious, in contrast to past itsy bitsy bikinis (where my ass was always hanging out)...


  1. WOW! Super cool dress. I have some platform shoes that I have hardly ever worn in size 8 1/2 if I am not mistaken.sorry am visiting my mum now in Florida therefore not home. I bought them at Urban Outfitters.If interested by the offer send me an email at and I will email you back with an image.
    They have been seating in my closet forever. Just a thought.
    The color of the shoe is beige, brown. Anyway, have a good day!
    I bought from you in the past a knitted beret which I love.
    I hope this offer does not seem too bizarre especially from a stranger but honestly if it is your shoe size and you like them, it will make my day but no worries if otherwise.

  2. hi, unfortunately they would be too big for my feetsies...
    what a lovely & generous offer!

  3. that sundress is perfect!
    where do you thrift shop in hamilton? i have only found a few places.
    and the onesie bathing suit...i am just coming to terms with the fact that even tankinis aren't cutting it...that suit of yours is perfection.

  4. I think one peices can be so much more flattering and pretty =]. I've always preferred them hehe. And that dress is great, although I do reckon it would look better with a shortened hem... it's got a great colour and pattern =].

  5. You have incredible tattoos!
    You're wonderful.

  6. I love the pleating on that dress! Good find! I love the ease of wearing a vintage one-piece too...better than a string bikini any day.

  7. just found your blog! and can I tell you how much i love it. i love that your mom, i love that you find awesome thrift goodies and i also love love love your tattoos! :)

    that dress is lovely btw.


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