Wednesday, 15 July 2009

my summer heart has winter knits on my brain

it may be summer, my favorite of all seasons, yet i'm still lost in a world of knits & snow & bulky & things to come...
& yes my shop update will be FINALLY including alot of BLACK & of course a whole lot chunky & variety of such, more so even!
things which have been inspiring me, these street knit styles & which obviously will be affecting the yarnovermovemnt fall/winter collection to come.... (yah i'm saying collection because it will be just that, & really my first ever official collection, with a certain theme in mind...just to keep you curious)

this knitter is focused very seriously this time around!
no date set for the shop re-do, so of course the orgianl goodies are all in the shop... i haven't decided on an entire overhaul of the store (maybe even a closing & re-opening), or just a slow move forward, in the concept, design, look, ect

all photos c/o stockholmstreetstyle & i think (?) facehunter


  1. I have to admit that as boring as it can be, I love love love black clothes!

  2. i've definitely begun to love black again myself, after a rebellious black wearing adolescence, i swore it off, but i've been really drawn to it...& of course so are so many others!

  3. i don't know what it is, but i start getting super stoked about wearing chunky layers, wools, boots and fun pants just when it starts to get really hot. silly canuck, i am.


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