Friday, 5 June 2009

we've lost that sunny feeling

we've lost that sunny feeling...its june, & those gorgeous sunny days, seem to be cold again, & its all about hiding behind coats. its my second wardrobe re-mix post, i'm jumping right back in, after what was a huge absence, as seen here! soon enough i'ii get over the embarrassed feeling of posting self-absorbent pictures of myself (that i will say what was i thinking later! & who cares what i wear (because really what do i know, i live in a a pretty small city, with no style substance to be sure...). in any case, its fun & trivial & who cares, honestly who isn't posting pictures of themselves on the Internet, so there's not time to judge me.

i'd love to learn a few photo secrets from this girl, one of my new favorite blogs. how do they do it. i'm always so self-conscious to be seen in public by anyone getting what is plain to see, pictures of just myself. i suppose no one could care, & they don't know i'm just taking pictures of my outfit for the day, haha!

what the hell am i wearing?
mostly what i wear most days, jeans & a vintage blouse, its easy, great for picking up enid
after school & playing at the park, vintage blouses are my constant fall-back splurge, much like bags, there isn't too much worry factor involved,because even if the fit is off, its nothing a belt can't fix,
jeans are oldnavy, the blouse w/ puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, & an ascot collar, & the
sand coloured oxfords, bangle, my moms hand me down ring,are all vintage, the belt
is old navy, the pink & white sunnies & trench coat are h&m

i want to know who takes your wardrobe re-mix photos? where do you take them? & do you feel ridiculous? & in the end do you ever end up detesting something you thought was a nice thing to be wearing? & i was/am in love with the comfy, hips can be free, wide legged jean, but man in photos, look out, they are mostly a disaster on me.
ok really, i had no idea i could bore even myself...


  1. right back atcha! i love your cute outfits and i love that you are also MY age! thank you for finding me so i could find you!

  2. Here in New York too. It has been raining all day long.I like your coat, the outfit very french a la Charlotte Gainsbourg but with your own personal style. Have a good day!

  3. I always love your wr photos. But I know what you mean- about having second thoughts once they're posted. I either take them myself in my home (with the tripod) or venture the neighborhood, with my boyfriend as the photographer. And I tend to like street shots better- but they're torture to take. I don't know how people can take them without being self conscious! Or how people can go outside and take photos of themselves with a tripod! I could never do that. I'm a wimp.


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