Thursday, 4 June 2009

getting into the mix of things

i've really missed the fun of wardrobe re-mix, but for a time i felt just plain awkward posting (we all have have those moments), & i also felt a lack of enthusiasm about my closet, i honestly still feel alittle down in the dumps in terms of my closet situation. however, i think my lack of clothes funding& of new things will push me to be more creative, & i'm using wardrobe re-mix to push me in that direction too. i just need to get over the embaressment one feels about these things, because in the end its all just for fun, &nothin more to it...

some of my most coveted darling gals of wardrobe re-mix,
you really must check them out & be inspired: (no particular order)
all links click to respective girls wardrobe remix sets on flickr.

kennedy holmes, anja louise (clever nettle), anabela (fieldguided),
isabelle (lebonbonmulticolore), jessica (growin" up), jennine (the coveted),
tara (swan diamond rose), sally jane vintage, rhiannon (liebermarlene)
effie (snail & the cyclops), owl & the grapes, marcine,
kara (porkchop rules), jody (jodache), vintage society girl,
ranna (irene adler/only shallow), sherbert tone,
the cat's pajamas , regan (meow vintage)

what the hell am i wearing?
puffed sleeved, peter pan collar dress,
& beaded rose purse: all vintage,
except oxford laced heels: aldo


  1. You look lovely. My experiment with w_r was short-lived! I feel so icky these days, and so embarrassed too. Maybe I'll try again...

  2. oh! look how darling you are! i agree that lack of funding makes you a whooooole lot more creative!

  3. I love that dress! You shouldn't feel embarrassed by your w_r photo shoots, you're a total babe! OF COURSE you're gonna take photos of yourself! tee hee!
    Just think about the future, when you're old and grey and can look back on the days of yore when you were a fashion icon!


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