Monday, 29 June 2009

mixing vintage, modern & handmade!

if you aren't already a frequent follower of the style blog "the coveted", well shame on you!
as an admirer of jennine, i sent her a classic ribbed beret, as a thanks for a shout out she did for yarnovermovement in the past, this beret took a very long year journey to make its way to Germany....
well,it finally got to the right place, & i love how she wears the hand knit beret mixed with vintage & modern, check out the rest of her out fit here!
thanks jennine!

OH, almost forgot, i've re-listed on SALE, the retired classic ribbed beret, in honour of the coveted blog, & it will be on sale dirt cheap for the next couple of days, please splurge.
also, fellow Australian readers, please pick up a copy of the zine THAW which features a cover shot of the yarnovermovemnt MAXI scarf.

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  1. That's so awesome, girl! I love the cover of the magazine! Oh and I haven't tried to watch the show yet... xo!


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