Tuesday, 23 June 2009

on my bookshelf: colette

summer is nothing without a library card, & with thanks owed to a certain librarian who wiped clean my past overdues, i am hooked back on the downtown library, & floor 4, as well a book i've been known to sign out again & again, despite its looming size, ( not the easiest to trek on the bus & to the market but..), a over 450 photographic bio of colette...i've also added a 500 page bio of colette to overdose on too...

Colette a passion for life, genevieve dorman
Secrets of the flesh, a life of colette, judith thurman


  1. wow! how ironic, just yesterday i walked (bad mistake, it was so hot!) to my library and got out four books. I couldn't a agree more! I guess the size and amount doesn’t matter to many people.

    *goes to research ‘Colette’*


  2. Aren't libraries fantastic?

  3. Oh and Colette is also amazing, she was such a rebel for her time.


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