Wednesday, 3 June 2009

how was i so lucky!

who knew the internet world could be so nice as to bring me online acquaintances that could mean what they do, seriously its the oddest thing to have friends online, persons of whom i have never met face to face, but still...
in this case in point, i was the lucky snail mail recipient of a gift from an online friend of that sort, & a familiar artist to many of you, & his much loved etsy shop matty8080 ... (we worked/collaborated on some illustrative ink/embroidery pieces, way back when...) take a peek at one of them here!
in any case, i wanted to gush about the work of matty8080 on etsy...please take a peek...& thanks matty!

i plan to show you the work i was sent soon, once it is all framed & pretty on my wall, & i have just the spot too!

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  1. he and i live in the same city and i have so many of his things in my house!! his zombie prints are some of my favorites.


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