Friday, 26 December 2008

can't see for shit...

trying out some new frames, from etsy shop 1918vintage, i can't see distance for shit, i just haven't decided if these are the fames for me yet?! also adding more new chunky knits for the shop, i worked the drop stitch, which seems to work so perfectly with the blended lamb's wool this time into a longest cowl & this time in taupe...(umm its already sold out, but i will be making more, & in more colours, so don't forget to ask me about me one week reserves on past sales, or custom colour orders!)


  1. These frames are fab on you!

    Also, I really really love this cowl.

  2. Oooh girl, I LOVE the new cowl and can't wait until you make some more!

    The frames are so nice on you.


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