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style her own: alyssa of random acts of pastel

Alyssa's own magical blog random acts of pastel, gives the absolute perfect description of her  I'm Alyssa, a professional dreamer with ever-changing pastel hair. Surviving on a diet of mainly sugar, I delight in sparkly surprises and rarely remove my rose-tinted glasses. So come, gallop through the glitter with me.".  somehow came across Alyssa, through her instagram, which lead me to discover that i've been a fan of alyssa w/out even realizing (duh!?) she was the star in this particular favorite worn video & her voice is behind so many amazing articles & interviews on worn, including worn #17 (one of the best issues, i feel, so far!). 

Name, age & where are you living right now?
Hello! I’m Alyssa Garrison, I’m currently 23 going on 24, and I live in Toronto (Though I’m originally a west coast girl)

How are you today?
I’m quite lovely. I love all of the seasons, but cozy winter is by far my favourite, so I’m happiest when the weather is chilly.

what was your 13 year old self wearing?
As mentioned above, I grew up in Vancouver, the birthplace of Aritzia. It just so happened that the highest peak in popularity of Aritzia’s TNA spandex tracksuit happened right about the time I turned 13. Every girl in Vancouver had one; I was so desperate to be cool at high school that I bought 3. I paired the tracksuits with spaghetti strap tank tops and skater shoes. My favourite suit of the three was baby pink (of course.)

what will your 50 year old self be wearing?
Well she’ll have pastel hair, that’s for sure! I can’t wait till my hair goes white, it will make pastel colours so much easier to maintain. I think at 50 I’ll probably wear a lot of silk and knitwear, layered around my body like onion skins. I hope to look like I’m always wearing very classy pajamas and blankets wrapped around my body. But I’ll always accessorize with glamorous glittery shoes.

how important is individual style to you?
Extremely. I think style speaks pages to someone before you even open your mouth. Even people who deliberately don’t care about what they wear are making an “I don’t care” statement. I try to convey a sense of magic through my style, mixing pastels and glitter/shiny/knitted textures to create a sort of ethereal wonderland around my body.

What inspires what you wear?
Treats! Unicorns! The wild unknown! I’m a dreamer, and what I wear is a reflection of the magical world that I have imagined and built for myself.

what items do you tend to continually replace in your wardrobe?
Good, soft plain white t-shirts, my Acne jeans (I pretty much have every colour at this point), hair accessories and pastel socks, especially cute printed ones. I love to dress a little out there, but basics always form the base of my outfits.

what are you obsessed with right now?

Big chunky knits! All I want to do is cuddle up into endless piles of soft yarn. I’m also really into pink, but that’s all the time, and covering my paws in tons of tiny precious gold rings. Oh and Deborah Lippmann sparkle nail polish of course: she is the master of glitter!

all photos c/o alyssa garrison/ random acts of pastel & worn

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