Wednesday, 23 October 2013

style her own: elodie aka lady moriarty

the most modern exquisite mix of vintage & new, with Paris as her backdrop, Elodie is truly a huge inspiration to me, effortlessly stunning, with a beautiful smile in her photos, that tells you style is all about uplifting you. it has been a bit since i have posted for the style her own series, & i know that elodie aka lady Moriarty is the perfect lady to start anew, also she will help me kick off a new post for another too forgotten series of knits X bloggers series, i am so anxious & excited to see how she mixes the good night day knits, coming soon.
 I am smitten & crushing on this lady, & to elodie merci beaucoup for answering my questions &
 for allowing me to do this post! all photos c/o lady moriarty

name, age & where are you living right now? 
So I'm Elodie, I'm 32 and I live in Paris.
how are you today?
I'm ok today, like almost every day !
what was your 13 year old self wearing?
Oh my, at 13 I was basically trying to be invisible, I wasn't pretty or popular, so it was jean-jumper and very sad normal shoes. And awful glasses ! 
what will your 50 year old self be wearing?
At 50, I will be dressed as a modern version of Marlene Dietrich or Katharine Hepburn
how important is individual style to you?
Individual style is really important, you have to be yourself, even if yourself is looking like Miley Cyrus, if you're comfortable with a micro skirt, it´s ok ^^
what items do you tend to continually replace in your wardrobe?
Coats, coat and coats again. And I'm still looking for the perfect Vintage trench ! 
what are you obsessed with right now?
My cats ha ha, I have a tiny new little kitten and he's the funniest. And perfect derbies or Oxford shoes.


  1. She does have the best smile, and such a unique & quirky style!

  2. love this post!!! the interview questions are so simple and great!

  3. love this post!! the interview questions are so simple and great!! And she's a stunner

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