Wednesday, 16 October 2013

it's just knitting #2: avoiding that unsightly gap

Of course, I am sucker for raglan sweaters, & not just aesthetically either, they are the perfect try on as you go no regrets later project (ok, & yes aesthetically absolutely modern & minimalist). Yet, they can have a very unsightly problem, that arises from a gap that appears right under the underarm, it is pretty awful. Here are the guidelines in photo instructions (nothing beats visual aids) from my kingston sweater pattern from modern & minimalist knitting patterns vol 2. that will rid you of that unslightly gap altogether.

>>At the point when you have reached beginning the sleeves, you can congratulate yourself on already being done knitting the perfect fitting raglan body of the sweater, & the stitches are waiting for you on the waste yarn. Be brave & open up the waste yarn, grab those dpn(s). Using a flat surface makes it easier. >>

>> You will transfer all stitches evenly (more or less) across your dpn(s), you will also pick up 3 extra stitches between the first working needle & what will be the last stitches.<<

>> Knit the new stitches first, knit around all sts. then knit the last stitch together with the first new stitch to avoid that gap. Alternatively, (it is a little trickier)I prefer for an even tighter close, to knit what would be the last stitch from that last needle,  together to the first new stitch on the first working working needle  & then knit around the sts. <<

>>another tip: I always prefer to leave the waste yarn in until the very end, in case you have the dreadful misfortune of dropping one of those stitches from the waste yarn when placing them on the dpn(s), & also it really helps when measuring too. <<

(coming soon: how to avoid the jog in circular knitting, that uneven ladder in joining that appears, & also circular knitting needle tips)

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  1. Great tutorial, but I'm DYING over that gorgeous yarn. Do you sell it in addition to your patterns? Or just the custom made sweaters? I want my own Kingston sweater in Nebula. ;)


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