Tuesday, 15 October 2013

it's just knitting >> #1 double pointed needles

Honestly, i have to be frank, it was ages even before meredith of one sheepish girl blog asked if i could share some knitting tips on her blog, that i had wanted to do a series like this, but well procrastination & all. However, since doing this mini photo guide on dpn(s), i already have the photos for many upcoming posts, that will all include skills found in my knitting booklets good night day: modern & minimalist knitting patterns. The following tips for dpn(s) will be useful for the following patterns, elora toque from vol #1, & also from vol #2, petawawa toque, jarvis toque, kingston sweater (a used in these photos, as the neck is worked first). Please note, you can also use circular needles for these patterns, which is my next post.

>>To begin for double pointed needles,  cast on the stitches onto one needle at first, because it is the easiest & then begin to divide evenly,  more or less, across the rest of the needles. If you find you are still having difficulties, or as a beginner, try knitting the entire first row on one needle, then dividing & distributing the stitches.  >>

>>Make sure to arrange the needles, & to straighten out the stitches, so that none are twisted. Try laying them out flat on a surface, then fix all twists, straighten all stitches, putting needles in order.>>

>>You will begin knitting with the empty needle, with the working yarn on the right needle point, this will join your work. Although, it seems daunting at first, you are still just knitting with two working needles at a time & then switching to the next needle & once the initial  first rows are complete, you will find it much easier & sturdier.>>


  1. Really excited about this new series! Your tip about knitting the first row then dividing has already helped me!

  2. (Also I learned the hard way to stay away from slippy metal needles -- switched to bamboo and it made such a huge difference! I'm trying to make some socks. I like to torture myself)


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