Monday, 18 June 2012

unfinished drawings

i met jasonlee when i was 21 & he was 19, i was fascinated to discover that he was a secret drawer (as well, a secret avid reader too-i suppose these sorts of activities were embarrassing to him, & instead i was immensely sucked in). although it drives him crazy,i have started to document some photos of new pieces he is working on for an upcoming solo show in less than a couple months. jasonlee is a purist to me, using merely pencils, coloured pencil crayons on paper, that is it. no tricks of the trade, he has never used charts, no graphs, no overheads, no tracing paper, no photo composites, no computer tricks, no tracing ever, its pretty insane indeed. it is always astonishing to me the level of criticism he feels towards his work, & many of these drawings are probably never going to be seen again (good thing i keep my blog on the down low around here too).

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  1. These are beautiful, really stunning work. I'm always in awe of people who can work so simply but create such amazing things. Hope the exhibition goes well!


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