Saturday, 26 May 2012

introducing "good night day: modern & minimalist knitting patterns" booklet

 i really couldn't wait to share my news, the "good night day: modern & minimalist knitting patterns" booklet  is now available and you can  purchase a copy of the first edition, limited of 50 numbered booklets.

 i approached this  project knowing it would be for beginners (because i believe everyone can learn how to knit- really), as well as for advanced knitters (w/ further customisations tips offered at the end of the patterns). it is important to me that the patterns are given in this booklet form (rather than a less personal pdf). i like the idea of the collected patterns as a  booklet,as a lover of books myself, it was important & natural that i share my patterns in this format.

"As a self-taught knitter, i quickly found i was  incredibly inspired   to design my own patterns that were modern, minimilist & unique handmade pieces. I discovered that i could challenge myself to  design  patterns that were  thoughtful and innovative without all the hang-ups of traditional knitting, pieces did not involve time consuming finsishings, piecing together and those tedious seams.
The good night, day patterns in this booklet are all cleverly designed to be knit in one seamless piece or in sections that can be easily pieced together without seaming, using a range of straight forward knitting techniques and apt tools." from the booklet's intro, "why seamless knitting?"

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