Thursday, 12 April 2012

part one: jennifer lee X new year zine

"A zine has always been something that I had wanted to do. “New Year” is also like an intro to future and more specific zines, so doing this got the ball rolling. I love printed work, photo books, magazines and other people’s zines, so why not make one for myself? I like to think of this zine as a little token that I can give to people. And, since I primarily display photos on-line, I eventually got tired of looking at images on the screen, especially small screens. My mega ultimate dream is to create more large-scale and giant wall-sized prints."

around this blog,  jlee (aka jennifer lee) needs no introduction & recently talked about  here as she just happened to shoot the recent spring lookbook for the good night, day shop (& even designed my new website, talk about supportive friend or what) . we've been really close friends ever since those  "golden days" spent in toronto in our early twenties, actually we met where i also met my ol man, at a mod club night that we never missed, & she was my favorite dance partner, couldn't resist those freckles even then. we became even closer once we moved away from toronto, she was one of the only friends that would venture outta the city to visit us, & also has been documenting our small family in photos ever since, (well she is a part of the family too) & everything else around her too. i'm so excited to share the news that jlee has just printed her first photo zine (in a limited number of 50), & also to share in her own words answers to some of my questions around her art.
also check out, jlee's website, shop (where you can even buy her $1 photo postcards & receive a personal message from jenny) blog,  personal photo blog & tumblr.
all photos from jennifer lee's  new year zine ($6), limited of 50

"Back in the day, I obsessively carried an SLR around, wanting to capture every waking detail and every moment that I had ever lived, which is common for most photo enthusiasts. And then with having a digital camera, it was hard not to take about a hundred pictures in a day. I don’t do that as much anymore which is refreshing and liberating in a way. I can enjoy my surroundings a bit more without having that urge to take a photo, unless I have a specific project in mind or if I’m traveling. I usually let the process of taking photos guide itself and I’ll let it unfold naturally."

"I love the portrait and documentation of a landscape. I’m really affected by the environment I am in and how I am engaged with it. We all move so quickly when we’re moving through a space, so I feel like I’m looking to capture a “scene”, those moments or minute details within the entire landscape. It’s not just about the people in the environment, but everything that surrounds it. I love those types of photos, paintings and movies that engulf me in some kind of scene, making me a part of what I see, or those photos that are so natural and unassuming that the space captured suddenly has a character, personality and a story behind it."

"Someone once described my photos as lonely and for me, photography can be such a loner’s activity so I suppose that this comes across in my pictures and the subjects that I choose. Landscapes always mark a passage of time and can live on or just die when they are affected by a series of events, the beast of nature or a community. I live in a city where there is constant change and development, which is in its own right fascinating -- it is amazing to witness how neighbourhoods can change and develop drastically within a couple of years. But then, there are the ‘forgotten’ places, places that once thrived and had seen better days, like the CNE or the Ontario Place in Toronto, downtown Detroit and parts of Hamilton, or even the front lawn of an old house I lived in that didn’t get cut all summer, that have this sense of desertion. It raises some questions and then it forces you to reflect on the past. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE STATE OF THESE PLACES??? WILL THEY LIVE ON?!"

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