Wednesday, 21 March 2012

part two: new knits X candy coated

part two of countdown to shop update on friday!
i already have some anxiety about posting w/ so much, so i do apologize in advance...
it's literally an  avalanche of new bold & pastel colours, i couldn't help myself when i grabbed up these edible colours for knits in the good night, day shop, i was definitely a kid in a  candy store (aka wool shop...ummm yah bad pun, get it?!).
some popular favorites in some amazing shades of pale & bights. these will all be available on friday, march 23rd, hurry the stock is really limited. (please contact me if you just can't wait & would like to buy something up now, serious inquiries only please.) please also see part one here, new knits x night magic

this gorgeous, ultra soft piece is knit of the last of the discontinued cashmere/merino blended wool i was able to get my hands on (there is also limited tan simcoe headbands of the same limited luxury wool).
you may also notice, its just a slight modification, but i've left the simcoe braided cable w/out the border edge detail, i think the braid is just right on its own, simple & modern. (all the simcoe headbands have been updated in this way)

(above, leeds halter hand knit of merino wool in coral)

(above, welland sweater hand knit of merino thick & thin spun merino wool)
& you can bet i'm already knitting up kingston sweaters in this minty blue sweetness

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