Tuesday, 20 March 2012

part one: new knits x night magic

i'm horrible at keeping gifts to friends & family a secret (usually i end up just giving things too soon), so obviously i couldn't wait to share more sneaks of the new knits  which will all be on sale in the good night day shop this friday, march 23rd. perhaps spring knits is a contraction, but i jsut needed an excuse to knit & design w/ some new shapes & ideas, also add new colour schemes.
 these particular pieces were styled based on the colour schemes & the mood they have, (although i have hinted at new pastels & brights ),i still love the dark & spooky, so this first sneak is for that, all kinds of night magic. i will be sharing more knits all week long in mini mood themes.
please leave feedback, i'm nervous as hell, crossing my fingers everyone loves the new knits as much as i do, so much care went into every last detail, down to execution, time, design, the right wools & colours, the shoot too.  photos: jennifer lee, model: stephanie trendocher of beaux mondes, & shot at needlework

thrilled to finally have full sleeve sweaters to add to the good night day shop, i've been aching to have these available, & trust me i know you have been asking for them too. this kingston is to me the quintessential spring sweater,  knit w/ my favorite thick & thin hand spun merino wool of the most gorgeous burnt orange variegations (from uruguay), i've knit the sweater at a length perfect for any style rise, to sit slightly below the natural waist, & with slight bell sleeves that  are at  cropped length above the wrist, quarter sleeve, so you can pile on bracelets & also show any tattoos that might peek out.  (don't worry, more sweater & yes cardigans will be available for fall, w/ new shapes & such).

although i am still a relatively young & new knit shop, this is something that you might remember from my early days (when my shop was called yarnovermovement), this was the ballerina inspired pembroke tank, although this version has been perfected to the best fitting length & w/ slight shaping & a shorter strap length than the original. & of course, i knit this pembroke w/ thick & thin merino Uruguayan wool, love this natural  fibre keeps you cool in the heat & warm in the cold, trust me, trust & teh best suited as it can be worn close to the skin.

ps. good night, day just recently got pinterest& hope you will add me, its addicting. don't worry its not jsut knit related, msotly it is not, but i do have a good night day section & a sneak peek section too.

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