Tuesday, 21 February 2012

michal pudelka photos/ a call for colours

One More Time

all photos link to their sources & all photos c/o michal pudelka
i've been lost to the flu/cold, along w/ my daughter, for a week in bed... now that i've kicked the nasty sick, i'm looking forward to a trip to the wool warehouse this week, & i'm already excited about adding more colours to the knits palette. don't worry i won't be straying away from my blacks, grays, cremes, & i'm still such a huge sucker for the burnt oranges & plums... but i will be adding some bold colours & perhaps some spring like pastels (no baby pinks i promise). & this trip couldn't be sooner, as i'm currently planning the next photoshoot & this one is going to be very local (plus one out of town closest friend w/ many cameras) & w/ a lot of wonderful local involvement, thats all i'm saying for now. 


Together Apart

Wear Hair


Royal Decay

We children of the zoo

First Spring

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