Friday, 10 February 2012

knit for you

i don't know about you, however valentine's day always make me cringe & my heart feel heavy& since my ol' man & i pretty much agree to just ignore the day entirely, i am left with that inevitable jelaousy & want (embarrassing & true). in any case, it is still altogether perfectly nice to share & be generous, ect, so i thought i would have this sale for 20% off (from me to you) that doesn't have be valentine's exactly  but rather a get something knit for yourself at a lot less, until that certain date called valentine's day.
photos: eriver hijano  
ps. i am in bust magazine this month!
(unfortunately the extra chunky lambton pictured was marked at the wrong price for the regular lambton instead, in any case i still have a few of both in stock)
pss. jlee set up a  one stop for good night day website for the shop, ect (how fucking sweet of her)
 & my son luke has been helping w/ tweaking & getting it all sorted (its not yet...but soon)

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