Sunday, 13 November 2011

knitting factory aka made at home

although, its our small bedroom that really has turned into my own knitting factory, & i never let anyone really in there, because its my chaotic mess of wool, that is all organized as makes sense to me. the rest of our space does tend to also collect pieces & remnants of my knitting, including, from top, displaying new to me postcards for the shop (especially for city of craft, so i won't run out, as usual), tagging & packaging, from below, throughout the day, orders to be packed & already packed orders stuffed in totes to go (that gorgeous lace screened tote is c/o mon petit fantome, & the other is my very own, just a very few left in the shop now), &  our kitty mable who never ever bothers w/ my wool balls (strange i know), some  samples for ny!!! (of argentina wool), on jason lee's day off i put him to work wrapping up orders & rolling up wool balls for me... (ps. you might think we have a pretty tidy place, you'd be mistaken)


  1. I love to see peoples work spaces, especially of you are like me and are not he most conventionally organised!

    Jess x

  2. Adore your home, it is so perfect...also, messes are great because it means your home is lived in!!! :)

    Do you know of any good wool shops that have decent chunky wools in Toronto?? I'm rarely there but I can never seem to find wool that's chunky enough to satisfy me where I live. Wah wah.

    Really love that one photo of your cat peering from the corner. Those balls of wool must seem so tempting to a cat, amazing that she doesn't play with them! :)

  3. you have such a beautiful home :)


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