Thursday, 6 October 2011

merci je t'aime Montréal, part two

my ol man & i always look forward to montreal for puces pop, despite jasonlee getting the cold i had before we left & my overly emotional self at times was embarrassing.  i don't have many photos to share, but no regrets, we were too busy enjoying ourselves w/ friends, & eating & drinking too. so all those sleepless nights spent knitting for good night, day through back aches & headaches were worth it. merci je t'aime Montréal. see you next year, or hopefully much, much sooner. so heres the rest of the trip on my camera, con'td from part one. & all the photos here.

(above, outside puces pop wearing some new to me vintage pants & boots, from sarah's studio, c/o cheap opulence & caesar pony. below, visiting booth neighbors, olivia & francesca tallone, i am new to her art, but would say now that i am a huge fan of her photography, such a talented lady indeed, please check her out, you won't be disappointed).

 (above, wearing my new favorite necklace w/ the jewelry maker herself, sophi, had such memorable times w/ sophi & sam, who were heading back to mexico, the same day we headed home too. i feel like montreal is  always meeting new inspiring & fun folks, & always willing to show off their city & take you to the best places for food & drinks)

(above & below, hanging out w/ sarah (a perfect hostess to us) & we visited audrey at her old & new studio, where i traded for the most amazing vintage fur coat, although might have to  lie & tell some folks it is faux).


  1. your orange pants are so cute & chic. Orange is really my favorite color this season. Montreal looks charming & inviting. I would love to visit.

  2. I'm headed to Montreal in a week or so for the first time in ten years! Your post makes me super excited to go. My friend was at puces pop selling preserves. She said it was a great show! Wish I had been there to see your stuff, too.

  3. Gasp! That coat is gorgeous! And who cares about what people think - I've finally just given in and accepted that I LOVE fur (I eat meat and wear leather too! Oh well.)
    Especially vintage - better on lovely you than in the garbage!

  4. Montreal is the best, isn't it? p.s. I love your orange pants!


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