Tuesday, 13 September 2011

photos c/o Ériver Hijano

i was insanely ecstatic about the opportunity to work along w/ Ériver on this new look-book for my new shop,  good night, day & as a long time fan of his work i knew this was going to be amazing. so i just wanted to share some of my own recent favorites of his newer work. can you tell i'm a sucker for his portraits? as this is now post-photo shoot i am not surprised at the intimacy that seems to evoke his subjects, i witnessed how he formed an obvious trust level with the model right away, he seemed to instantly be patient & calming, as well as meticulous & determined, it was really impressive. & i can only hope i can get another opportunity such as this again, it was one of the best days. i can hardly wait to see the photos go up in the shop, so stay posted, & please check out behind the scenes photos from the day here. all photos c/o eriver hijano


  1. Excellent! I'm also a huge fan of his landscapes!

  2. Beautiful and congratulations! It's amazing to see how far your brand has come in the past year in a half!


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