Friday, 16 September 2011

introducing: sneaks peek good night, day (part one)

if nothing else ever, i get to have this moment when i can share these new sneak peek photos of new good night, day knits & think of that day (& part two). i've been knitting frantically as i'm getting ready for montreal puces pop. i can't wait for montreal, obviously counting down the days... i will have these new knits in the shop as soon as i get back. if you see something you really must have, please don't hesitate to contact me for a pre-sale invoice & i can answer all the questions you may have about the knits & wool, as most of the items are really limited. as well, some of the knits shown will be available at robber boutique for early october too.
all photos c/o Ériver Hijano , these were taken form the contact sheets, & yes it was all shot in film!
model: bryanna johnson, clothing: robber, knits: good night, day
contact me: yarnovermovement (at) hotmail (dot) com


  1. So perfect! I am saving up my dollars so I can buy once of your scarfs. Which means no scarf for me until I can afford one of yours, because it really is worth it instad of some cheapie that will be destroyed after a season.

  2. oh my STARS!!!!!!! these photos are gorgeous! i love love love your knits (i have a scarf :) and i plan to purchase something from your new line. i just adore everything you do!!! hope montreal is amazing and i can't wait for you to stock your shop!

  3. oh my great goodness! these look just... amazing. so, so gorgeous. i cannot wait to see the final product. congrats, lady!

  4. these photos are beautiful, and the knits are amazing!

  5. absolutely gorgeous! congratulations!!! these are all stunning & if i had the cash, i'd buy them all!

  6. wonderful oh wow...I am love the braided turban


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