Friday, 5 August 2011

knits + bloggers project: isabelle of la vie c'est ye ye (in the bancroft)

i can't believe, i haven't posted these gorgeous photos yet of isabelle in the sold out bancroft sweater. of course, i had to ask my close friend izzy of  la vie c'est ye ye to help contribute & participate in my knits&bloggers project (sh'es practically like my knitting muse & she is so supportive). although, this bancroft sweater was part of a small ballet-inspired collection that i retired, & also i sold out of the limited merino hand spun +hand dyed wool. however, i can't help but realize how amazing these simple knits are, & how perfect they could be for the grey variegated Uruguayan wool i haven't knit with yet (& perhaps an orillia shrug too, another sold out piece that was a favorite to knit).
 you can see the original all colour photos by isabelle hayes at her original blog post here.


  1. Those ballet knits were so gorgeous - just wanted to say so on the record ;)


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