Sunday, 7 August 2011

the artist's model

all photos, life archive
above, students at univerisity of iowa, drawign from nude model

sculptor chaim gross doing sculpture of nude models, 1948

(above & below) robert rauschenberg(on right), creating artwork using  nude model, 1948

nude model doris fischer smoking cigarette as she takes
a 5 minute break, 1949

nude model posing for large group at cape cod, 1946

artist david fredenthal drawign from nude model, 1948 (above & below)

american students in italy, painting nude model, 1947

life drawing class, nude, 1939


  1. gorgeous photos! i love vintage nudes, the curves, the different body sizes, so refreshing compared to what's out there today!

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  3. These photos are just amazing!

  4. This post is so beautiful! I haven't been to a life drawing class in years but seeing these photographs makes me want to take it up again. Thank you so much for sharing x Katie-Louise

  5. I love seeing the model alongside the drawing.

  6. I've thought about trying to work as a nude model. I think it would be so uncomfortable at first but also possibly really freeing and kind of cool. I love how relaxed these women look in their bodies. They are all beautiful.

  7. this is nice shot and lovely location...
    I really like the such type of post...


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