Monday, 13 June 2011

style her own: sarah whidden

sarah is an absolute joy to be around, just try not smiling in her company, its impossible, you can't not, she really brings it out. she also pulls out the best outfits too, full of her own sense of style, personal taste, & she has a real eye for the unexpected & always makes it look effortless & perfect. here's some of my own recent favs from her closet. sarah also hand picks for her vintage etsy shop, & recently co-curated the gold dust pop-up shop in toronto.
i wanted to showcase some of my favorite gals i know or whom i crush on the internet, that really have that admirable quality of their own sense of style, its a real attribute. & so sarah is my first, coming up, april & jenny & more too...

name, age & where are you living right now? 
sarah whidden, 35, montreal

how are you today?
i'm pretty content and relaxed. i just spent a great week with my bestie and another amazing creative gal buddy has just arrived for montreal hangouts. i love living somewhere that is so fun for my far flung friends to visit.
i also just got a huge bouquet of peonies that look lovely and are kind of blowing my mind in the best way with their crazy fragrance.

what would your 13 year old self be wearing?
mostly baggy t-shirts and jeans. but all thrifted. i was always told to say all my second-hand clothes were from norway or finland to avoid scorn or derision. 

what will your 50 year old self be wearing?
hard to say. i surprise myself every day so i'm sure in 15 years i'll be wearing something silly and fun like head to toe leather or sheer chiffon burkas. 

how important is individual style to you?
individual style is super-duper important to me, but i can respect people who don't have the time or energy to put much thought into what they're wearing. my individual style is constantly changing depending on what i find that makes me laugh, what i find that is beautifully made and what surprises me. there's nothing better than finding a crazy piece and being flummoxed and perplexed, it sort of short circuits my ideas on what my style presets are and i can really just play.

what inspires what you wear?
old ladies, children, the dudes that treat the local salvation army like a parisian sidewalk cafe, clothes that are made for function rather than fashion, architecture and my dad.

what items do you tend to continually replace in your wardrobe?
tan leather boots. they have to be able to straddle that fine line of being crazy durable, able to look good despite non-stop abuse and neglect, but then also looking kick ass and hot.

what are you obsessed with right now?
have been amassing lots of shrunken undersized 50's cardigans.
and my romper collection is getting out of hand.

all photos c/o sarah whidden


  1. thanks so much buddy! you make me feel like a bonafide wunderflicka!

  2. Wow, she's this!

  3. i noticed this gal a while ago... she looks so creative and friendly! Jolie!

  4. Super duper studio mate sarah!

  5. She has such beautiful style! I love her gorgeous floral dresses <3


  6. love her blue dress! but you knew i would.

  7. I'm crazy or almost all the girls are wearing oxford shoes??? iaawwww!!! Love it!


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