Sunday, 27 February 2011



i admit i am a huge hermit during the winter, i really think that the last time i was with friends was in montreal before xmas. so it felt well over due to see two really wonderful people today in toronto. we came down to support sarah from montreal, who was part of the vintage sale at the chosen one, she has a really well-picked vintage shop on etsy too, with a tagline to her shop that is "blahblahblahawesomeblahblah". (i came home with a wonderful vintage cropped tweed jacket) also, always feels right to see my friend jeffrey, whom i've known forever, & so its just  like no time has passed between us & i feel just like myself. things were looking very pessimistic on the Montreal moving front lately, & then today things seemed to be going in the direction needed, still keeping our fingers crossed, sometimes its just luck, & we need it. hit up romni wool too, & have just what i need for spring sweater knitting & other ideas i'm keeping secret for now, gonna be soooo good... lastly, when will the sidewalks not be covered in snow by the way, i really need to get out walking, i can't get my pants buttoned up anymore. however, there was no snow on the Toronto sidewalks, so jealous. (note to self, how long can i let the roots go? & camel jacket i wish i owned would have been such a better option...)




construction on the subway, so we headed underground to the tunnels, so walking meant no toque & my coffee stayed warm... how come all the time i lived in toronto i never did this?






  1. That cat looks nearly identical to ours!
    Love those tights (I almost bought them the other day ;)), and these photos have me missing Ontario something fierce.

  2. I love your outfit! The coat is AMAZING!!
    I wish I had a small amount of extra money. I feel like I'm perpetually saving...gah!! I image you know the feeling.

  3. Awwe you guys are so cute! I wish we could have been there but we will be on the 12th, I really wanna see you guys! I also miss Sarah can you ship her back to us ;) I can't wait for you to finally be here already!


    Lots of Love



  4. i can't wait to see your new projects... and by then i should have a job so i can actually start buying lovely things again!

    i haven't been to TO in ages, glad you had a nice time with friends out there. you look so freakin' cute i would hug you right now if i could!

    and YES to the sidewalks being clear and more moving around. so sick of wearing my boots and feeling like a balloon because of lack of activity... xo

  5. The sidewalks are totally covered in snow now!! Not much, but just enough to be annoying. I want to go yell at the snow and tell it to stop falling already, jeez.

  6. Wow,
    I didn't even recognize that as Toronto, I thought you were in Montreal or something by looking at the photos. Geesh, I haven't been home in 5 years and its starting to show.

    I met Hannah the other night at an art gallery in Brooklyn, shes really sweet and its no thanks to your blog that I recognized her.


  7. I have this coat too! H&M right? I got it on sale a year ago for £15 and love it to bits :) xx


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