Tuesday, 14 December 2010

18 days to go...

day 347
purple magazine/book

this  365 project is almost at the end, & i'm pretty relieved, as well i feel quite embarrassed of what i have offered, when there is things such as this out there instead (i'ii make a proper blog post of these, very soon)... in any case, in this last month, some personal crap has taken over, & i've had to fill in some days with a few of my  favorite art books off our bookshelves, but hopefully you will enjoy that instead, what can you expect from a non-sponsored blog these days anyhow, well thats my excuse & i'm sticking to it aka sorry.

day 344
drawings rita ackerman

day 336,
jason making a good model for me to judge this loop collar i was knitting

day 339

day 345, tracey emin

day 343, nan goldin

day 331
watched with luke what he calls one of his all time favorite movies, Harold & Maud, which at 17 was probably one of  mine too

day 332

day 346
ryan mcginley, life adjustment center

day 337

day 338

day 341, dash snow

day 335
after walking enid in the freezing windchilled weather to school  errr, i got right back into my sheer nightie w/ long john pants underneath & an itchy mohair sweater & warm coffee! oh & i dyed my hair again, & right away enid was like why is your hair pink, oh well it will fade, it did come out kinda pink!? the night before i also tried sponge curlers to bed, it worked, but i prefer not sleeping on curlers instead, but damn the curls lasted forever....

day 334
this xmas card came on a crappy, crappy day & cheered me up, thanks chad, so far this & one from my aunt conclude my xmas cards,oh well, theres still time to hopefully get some, i hope, i hope, i never get them though, sooo not too likely, love you chad

day 333

day 340, julie verhoeven, gas book 13

day 342
valerie phillips, i can't believe a girl is playing me metallica


  1. Aww don't fret. It's been a real treat seeing what your 365 days have been up to thus far

  2. you shouldn´t feel in anyway any less than that photo project anyway. you keep people warm and put a smile on their face with your somehow poetic knitting.

  3. oh man, so much to say about these images! i love them.

    the chloe sevigny photos/drawings are awesome. her legs look even more fantastic when being commanded by a drawing-torso.

    your outfit for the loop collar knitting pic is SO CUTE!

    the write up for the golan picture is epic. what a beauty.

    your hair looks awesome and NOT pink, you should do those curls more often! they look loverly.

    enid and luke look super cute in that video-game pic.

    THAT IS ALL :)

  4. your hair looks really nice! it reminds me of how Hannah Metz does her's.

    day 333 - how adorable!

    you're going to be so glad you caught all these moments/things in your life in photos. it'll be so nice to look back on :)

  5. posting a personal photo every day, no matter what it is, is a score more than any of us ever do even if we'd like to- so kudos! and I agree w/Erin, you'll be glad you documented the year after its over!

  6. i actually love your photos, they feel more real (if you will), they're great! :)

    i have been meaning to take a photo forever ago (and feel very nerdy doing so but i thought it'd be nice to share!) of the 'simcoe turban' i knit up a while back when you posted the pattern! it took me forever to try to find the name of it, and i see that you've removed the pattern due to people taking it/using it as their own, which is so unfortunate! i just wanted to say thanks for posting it because i adore it and hope to make a few more for myself.

    i made it with a rather unfortunate wool i purchased to make my husband a scarf with (and only found out later that it went from thin to thick and just didn't work for a scarf) however, it worked out really nicely for the turban! :)

    so thank you for sharing your talents, i really appreciate it!




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